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Vegan Meals


Plant Based Meal Preparation Menu

Objective: To help maintain optimal bloodstream pH, we have designed a diet rich in alkaline-forming foods such as vegetables (especially green leafies) and fruits. However in order to achieve the desired results there must be a limit or a total elimination of highly acid-forming foods such as cheese, meat, chicken, and fish for 28 days. Allow up to 48 hours to Prepare. However if your goal is simply to integrate more plant based into your weekly diet, choose accordingly. 

Pick up at Center or Central Alabama or Birmingham Metro Delivery Fee +$10.

You can choose for protein/sides/breads/shakes/smoothies/juices/tea


Nut Meat -

· Walnut Meat(8oz)-1,320 calories/40g protein

· Cashew Meat(8oz)- 1,235 calories/40g protein

Plant Protein -

· 1 Zen Burger with Gravy -23g

· 2 Brats with Barbecue Sauce -36g

· 2 Franks in Tomato Sauce -44g

· *Chicken Nuggets(4 pieces)

· *Shrimp(2 pieces) -8g & Fish(1) -8g = 16g

Bean Patties-

· 2 Black bean burger(wrap/sandwich) -40g

· 2 Falafel Patties -28g

Whole Food Protein Based Soup (12oz)-

· Black bean Soup -20g

· Black-eyed Peas Caviar or Black-eyed Peas Chili

· White Beans Soup -6g

Whole Grain Protein-

· Quinoa Salad(12 oz) -10g


SIDES: 8oz $5 each


Grains:Brown Rice, Whole Wheat Pasta, 

Root Veggies: Sweet Potatoes Fries, Sweet Mashed Potatoes, 

Veggies:Broccoli, Cauliflower Rice, Carrots, Mixed Vegetables, Streamed Leafy Greens, Asparagus, Beets, French Cut Green Beans, 

Ethnic Veggies:India Curry Veggies, Thai Coconut Veggies, Mediterranean Veggies.

Side Salad: Kaleicious salad, Coleslaw, Taco Mixed Salad (no walnut meat), Kundalini Peace Up (no cashew meat) 



· Mini -Golden Cornbread muffins (3 pieces)

· 1 Whole Wheat Yeast Roll


DESSERT: $1.50 each

*Raw no baked and low sugar*

· Strawberry Cheesecake mini(2)

· Blueberry nutty cup mini(2)

· Granola(5oz)

Healthy Drinks:16oz Size Only

Specialty Smoothies

1. Green Aphrodisiac -314 cal 1.5g or Mercy, Mercy Me – 344 cal 11.7g -$7.50 

2. Man’s World -278 cal 11g -$9.55

3. Super Food Detox -345 cal 12g -$9.35

Meal Replacement Vegan Shakes – 230 cal 32g $9.35

1. Peaches n Dreams

2. Raspberry Rose’

3. Purple Haze Remix

Teas - $5.00

Cold Press Juices - $10


Each Listing is a Complete Dinner: $21.00 each


Spinach, Walnut pieces, dried cranberries, sundried tomatoes, carrots, balsamic vinaigrette, Salad or Wrap, Sprouted Bread, Chickpea Burger, Green Aphrodisiac Smoothie 16oz 969 calories

Green Leaf-24oz

Leaf Lettuce, Hummus, plum tomatoes, avocado, Cucumber, carrots, green pepper, sesame dressing, Salad or Wrap, Plantain Chips, Pea Protein Burger, Mighty, Mighty Avocado Smoothie 16oz 867 calories

Walnut Taco-24oz 

Walnut Paste, Carrots, Purple Onions, Salsa, Vegan Cheese, Romaine Lettuce, Avocado, Cayenne, Olive Oil Kari Dressing, Salad or Wrap, Sweet Potato Chips, Black Bean Burger, Happy Feelings Smoothie 16oz 1,076 calories

Kaleicious -16oz

Kale, Carrots, Sundried Tomatoes, Purple Onions, Avocado, Kale Dressing, Salad or Wrap, Kale Chips, Garden Brats, Mercy, Mercy Me Smoothie 16oz 814 calories

Rising Sun Cabbage-16oz 

Purple Cabbage, Purple Onions, Sliced Beets, Cashews, Ginger Sauce, Salad or Wrap, Purple Chips, Atomic Hot Dog, It’s the Way You Love Cranberry Smoothie 16oz 669 calories

Note: Plant Based Proteins for Dinner are Soy free but can be changed to include Soy for greater options. Also Meal Replacement Shake can be modified to include Soy and Dairy and can only be direct shipped via our website link, GoodHealthToBeHail.com.

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